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I took my husky to be groomed in Longview,Texas.It was the worst experiance I had ever seen.they said they bathed him and cut his nails and cleaned his ears,but they refused to brush out his hair, said it would have taken them to long and told me to go buy a tool for huskys and do it my self.But they still charged me $60.00 for this.well I thought when your said they will groom him ment wash,clean,clipnails, clean ears and brush them out,Boy was I wrong and want make that mistake dog Goulith looked worse when I got him back than when I took him in there.his hair all wet and notted up and smelled like a wet dog.Never take your dog to be groomed at Petco in Longview,Tx-they are beyound rude

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This sure sounds like a lousy job!No dog gets out of my salon (not PetCo) without a complete brush out and de-shedding and has to be 100% dry.

Damp dogs can end up with fungal infections and all sorts of problems.The only thing I would say, if the job is done properly on a husky, the price would have to be much higher.


Listen, we get alot of dogs in.We can't do em all at the same time it takes a while.

We do a *** good job too, if we would have taken 2 hrs to brush out ur dog cause it has double matting n I'm sure is shedding too, we could have messed up our expensive tools. So, *** you.

We have lots of loyal customers we don't care if we loose one.Go to petsmart.


they are supposed to do 15 min of brushing!! no 30


yes they are supposed to brush ur dog out for at least 30 min and should never have been sent home wet. the only reason any of this wasnt done was either the dog didnt like to be brushed of they were lazy but the one i work at is nothing like that and it is not accepted for any reason

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