San Francisco, California
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Good luck getting Petco to stand behind any of their products. We purchased their most expensive dog bed 6 months ago.

This bed is a 2nd bed for one of our dogs and doesn't get a lot of use. I finally washed the cover for the first time (following the washing instructions)--it not only fell apart at the seams but shrunk as well. So, I took the bed to Petco to see if they would exchange it. Nope--they have a 30-day guarantee.

The assistant manager of the Mountain View, CA store was so discourteous and rude, it is hard to believe she is in a customer-facing role. She not only refused to give me her name (she would only provide the initial of her first name) but would not give me the district manager's name either.

Petco really needs to provide customer service training to ALL of their employees. My 3 dogs and I will go to Petsmart from now on.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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You sound so ***. You walk around like your *** don't stink and demand to be put on a pedestal. Pathetic.

#281776 be fair, you DID purchase the product 6 months ago. Even the most lenient place has to draw a line somewhere.