Tampa, Florida

We have seen numerous times that the hatchling bearded dragons and geckos were being given crickets that were much too big for them to swallow, they were allowed to be bitten repeatedly by the crickets and when we mentioned it to the manager, he said, "We don't have biting crickets at our store." I asked him how he trained them not to *** the babies, as I have known reptiles to have holes eaten in them or even to lose toes to crickets.

Tonight, we saw that a new clutch of baby dragons had mealworms in their viv. Anyone who knows reptiles knows that you cannot feed mealworms to hatchling bearded dragons. They cannot digest the chitin on them and it can lead to impaction or even death. When we told the manager, and even showed it to him in a book off of his own shelf...he argued and said, "It says that mealworms MIGHT cause impaction in them. Anyway, it is corporate policy now to give them mealworms, so..." Shrug.

I try not to give them our business, but there are times, in a pinch, that we have to get something from them. I am tired of being treated so rudely by this manager and I wish they would stop selling dragons and geckos since they don't seem to care if they live or die. The vivs are always dirty, the water has junk floating in it, and the care is improper. Do they know that animals feel pain and hunger? Do they care? A couple of nice employees seem to care, but the managers...

Frustrated in Brooksville.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

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I completely agree. I've said for years that Petco should not sell reptiles at all.

I've turned numerous customers away from reptiles just by telling them everything they need which they didn't expect and had plenty of people come in after buying a reptile in which no one had told them half of what they needed. We get them in way to young, the vivs aren't fully sealed so larger crickets can get into the vivs next door even into ones that aren't carnivores.

We also can't adequately control temps & humity w/no sealed vivs with desert & tropical reps next to each other. It's very sad as a reptile owner having to see this everyday and not being able to doing anything about it even when brought up to mulitple people....


Your wrong. Listen to the manager more. Animals suffering is completely normal.