Hot Springs, Arkansas
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Update by user Sep 06, 2013

Petco contacted me and resolved the problem I am happy with petco and will continue to shop there for my pet needs. Thanks petco

Original review posted by user Aug 06, 2013

the reward program entitles you to be short changed by the manger will never step foot in a pet co again her name is Hannah at the hot springs store. On my last trip they so kindly enter me into their rewards program yet didn't give me the discount.

They are happy to sell your information, but when it comes to given you your rewards they will short change you, beware they are frauds, Did I mention her name was Hannah at the Hot Springs Connor stone shopping center. She will cheat out of your money every time their rewards program is a rip off thinking of calling seven on your side and telling them about this scam

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Rewards Program.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Petco representative contact me and correct the problem thanks petco I will continue to shop there :)


If there reward program short changes you then why did you sign up for it?

What was this girl name again?

I'm sorry you didn't get your discount and believe it or not sometime computers don't function as they should and stuff happens. But in this cause I'm starting to think Petco installed *** detectors and you sir got busted.

Also sense your a expert all of a sudden in know how there whole system works how do you know they sale your information?

Still trying to figure out what this employee name is again?

I feel she probably won't cheat me out my money and seems like a nice person. But after seeing you only had 14 views on this topic I bet 7 on your side give you your 10 bucks back and tell you stop wasting there time. But then again I bet 7 on your side would be on Hanna side and could probably have a internet bully case against you or Defamation of charter against you for sure. If you want to be pissy about something take it up with the company. But you are in the wrong for using her name and work place. Thats a fast and easy law suit for defamation of charter. So hope for you she doesn't get a lawyer soon.


such a hater.


It's interesting that I have to make my comments in a manner as to not be a personal attack, although this complaint seems to be nothing more than just that. I will refrain from childish spelling corrections and such.

It appears obvious that this person doesn't understand how the system works.

I shop at this exact store a minimum of once a week and have never once had a problem collecting my rewards. I honestly don't see a manager trying to screw anybody out of $10.


The Petco PALS program is a rewards and discount program, but this doesn't mean that you get a discount on everything. Only certain products available online and/or in stores are discounted for PALS members, and only for limited times.

Your information is not sold, per the Petco PALS Rewards disclaimer. You get rewards based on the "points" you earn with every purchase. If you signed up for the PALS program, you should have received a pamphlet explaining the terms of membership.

Not every Petco is bad just because of some *** employees, its hard to find perfect employees willing to get paid a meager 8 bucks an hour for a retail job entailing animal care. Petco tries to please every customer, but anyone who has ever worked directly with people know that it is impossible.