Oneonta, New York
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I have been a repeat customer for a very long time. and spend hundreds of dollars a week their.

I set up tanks for people and this is were I would go until several people have told me about this tylor fake tec. that is a very nasty, rude person when talking to him. and you would like to smack him in his face. and they will not go back there.

I have not dealt with him until a couple days ago. boy were they right he has no clue about the fish. just makes up stories when you ask him about a problem with your fish. I watched him sell a few fish to a young coulpe that had no idea that they had ick.

so now they will put them in their tank and infect the rest of their fish. what a joke,, he was even nasty with me when I asked him a question about the fish in the tanks there that always have ick. and why is he selling them to people. he gave me a dirty look and even walked away from me.

which was a good thing for him. so I guess I will be taking my business to another pet store.and word of mouth goes along way

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why are you condemning the store because of one store. Talk to the manager and I am sure that this will be dealt with.


liana, if you noticed I put which store I had a problem with. not all of them.

think before you write. wait a minute you must work their.

and must be just as nasty.and as far as talking to the manager we did and got nowhere. so maybe you can take care of it.if you are so sure of it.


We're sorry to hear about your experience and would like to look into the matter further. We take animal care very seriously, and need more information to make sure the issue is corrected.

Please contact us at 888-824-7257, at your earliest convenience.


We went in the oneonta location on7/10/2016 to be mocked by the employes.After I had asked for a price on a fish we were walking away and they mimicked us. That will be the last time there unless somthing changes