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Wow. Im not even sure I can find the words to explain my experience.

No matter what I say it wont accurately represent the actual experience. So Ive purchased numerous fish and snails from Petco and other pet stores. I dont know about all Petcos but the Petco in West Des Moines Iowa is awful. Everything Ive ever gotten there has died.

The last time I went there to replace a few snails that died a week after purchasing, I genuinely could not find one that wasnt dead or sick looking. Out of about 40 snails 3 were actually alive, all the rest were dead. I know for sure because I stood there for about 25 to 30 min waiting for someone to help me. Store had 3 customers in it (including me) and at least 2 employees that I could see.

After this long of staring at sick or dead snails, fish and other things that should have been living (or removed) I could no longer stand it. Between that, the customer service and all my past negative experiences with Petco (too many to go into here ) seeing a mangled fish stuck in the filter that had been there so long it was starting to deteriorate, just reassured me that walking out was just about all that was left for me to do now.

I wouldve said something to the two gentlemen upfront about the situation but seeing as they didnt care to even wait on me what would make them care about that? DeadDead Tried uploading a video of the tanks for proof but it wont upload...?

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Aquarium Fish.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Replace with healthy ones.

Petco Pros: Convenient.

Petco Cons: Inconsiderate of customers feelings, Bad service, Knowledge of products.

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Hi there. Our passion for animals and their care and health is incredibly important.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please contact our Customer Support at 1 (877) 738-6742 so that we can look into this and follow up with you.

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