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A number of months back I bought my son a guinea pig at Petco. She never grew and ended up dying a few weeks ago before she was even 6 months old. It seems that she had a number of genetic problems that a vet could do nothing about. Last week we went back to Petco, as they are the only place that I know of in the area that sells female guinea pigs (he already has a female piggy and we want one the same gender). He had his new baby guinea pig less than a week and she died today. We had played with her early in the day and she seemed fine. He later brought me a very sick piggy. He told me she hadn't been eating well since we brought her home. I called the pet store and they told us to bring her in that they would take care of her since their policy is to provide all vet care within the first 15 days after purchase. She died in route to the store.

The employees were horrible about it and really acted like they were trying to cover their rear ends for either 1. selling us a sick animal or 2. selling an animal too young to be away from it's mother (very possible considering the size of the piggy) or 3. both. First they tried to tell me that she had been dead a while. No, I put a live, albeit sick, piggy in the carry box and I live less than 10 minutes from the store. She died in route. They didn't want to believe me on this. They also tried to make it out to be our fault that she died...that we must have done something wrong, despite the fact that my son has a perfectly healthy older guinea pig that was it's cage mate and is showing no signs of illness.

They refused to replace the animal, telling me that I needed to clean the cage and make sure that the other guinea pig didn't get sick. They did refund the cost of the guinea pig but not without trying to make me feel like the worlds worst pet owner.

Oddly, this is the second animal in the last week that we bought from them in the last month that has died. My daughter's hamster we purchased for her almost a month ago from the same store died as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Guinea Pig.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Some animal shelters have them..check there and save a life.


Being an employee of Petco, I can assure you that not all Petcos will treat you that way. I'm assuming that this Petco is in VA, where it says that you posted this from.

I'm pretty sure that they recieve their animals from Sun Pet. The past few months, we have had serious problems with the animals Sun Pet sends us. The G. pigs have had severe respitory infections, and we had a few customers in pretty much the same situation as you.

One brought their piggy in and told us that she thought it was sick. We looked at it and started to print out the paper work for them to take it to the vet. By the time it was done printing, the piggy died :( I made the decision to not replace their g. pig just because the ones that we had came from the same shipment, and I didn't want a customer to go through that trauma twice.

I told the customer to call up here the next week to see if we had any more in that were healthy.We took the rest of the g. pigs that we had to the vet and they did all have respitory infections. Now, we rarely have g. pigs because if we get a shipment that even seems somewhat sick we refuse it.

I know that whole story was kind of pointless, but I just wanted to let you know that not all Petcos are that way.

At ours, we make sure the animals come first and if for some reason a person takes them home and they are sick, we will do absolutley anything we have to to rectify the situation. As for them not replacing your guinea, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn't because they weren't sure if the rest were sick or not, and didn't want you to have to go through that again.