Los Angeles, California

I was in line when I told the cashier I forgot to grab something real quick. She said that was ok. When I came back, the old white lady behind me was upset and demanded that I get behind her. I explained that the cashier told me it was ok to leave and come back. I looked at the cashier straight in the eye and asked if she had given me the ok to go grab something. The cashier told me I was correct. Well the lady behind me pulls her cart forward anyway and the cashier processes her while making me wait for the manager who took his sweet time. I was livid. I told the cashier she shouldn't have processed her, she agreed but shrugged her shoulders, as she processed the old bat. I wanted to push the old lady's cart aside, but I knew that would make me the bad guy and I would be called ghetto. When she is absolutely rude and aggressive for no reason.

At first I just thought it was an old lady thing and not have much to do with her being white, but then the manager said that for some reason that store always has customers like that. I'm sick of the white people thinking they deserve more than anyone else. The old lady should have just waited her turn. And the staff should have done something about it, instead of letting their customers be marginalized.

At the end, the manager finally came and discounted me $10, for my inconvenience. Which I was ok with at first, but I bought $186 worth of goods, he could have at least deducted the tax amount ($15). There was a half assessed apology "I'm sorry but there is nothing I could do". Untrue, managers can always do something, furthermore, she could have been escorted out or at least told to just wait. If I was rude to someone in that manner I wouldn't have been allowed to cut in front I'll tell you that right now. Why was she allowed to cut in front of me? The old lady got on her high horse, pulled the racist card, and Petco just conformed, leaving me with $186 instead of $196. Big Woop!

I returned all my items at another location where I felt like I would be treated fairly. Screw her and screw petco I'm off to get a Costco membership.

  • White Power at Petco
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So you got a $10 discount because wah wah wah you couldn't deal with someone else being taken care of while you ran back for something and the discount you got FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wasn't enough? Wow that's so rude..


If you forgot something why should the line be held for you? It's your fault....go get the rest of your stuff then get back in line.

If the cashier told you it was ok to go get your forgotten item go back to the counter and wait to be next. Why should the line wait for you? She's just being efficient by taking the next customer while you get what you need.

Don't play the race card. You are the one that sounds like a ***.


im white, and that old lady sounds like a real old hag, and everyone commenting below, V


sounds like a real pain in the *** ALSO i will say you should be ready when your checking out, but there was absolutely NO reason for her to be so rude about it! makes me sick, maybe she was just in a rush to get home to change her diaper. dont worry karma will come around and you still have your dignity, unlike her :)


Oh my god! This is insane!

The cashier was not being RACIST, the cashier probably didn't want to deal with the "white" old bag complaining . I ( and I'm surely not alone in this) am SICK and tired of African American people crying racism when in fact, they are the worst racists around these days.

I knew that the post was going to be *** at the very beginning when you described the old lady as being white. Shut the *** and quit being a hypocrite!


YOU got out of line. YOU lost your spot.

Why should anyone of any color have to wait for you to finish shopping to check out?!? I love the racism complaints when it is YOUR own fault!


Maybe you should have been ready to check out before you for in line. The "old white lady" had to wait on you to go get whatever it was you had forgotten.

Having spent so much I'm thinking you got a lot ofstuff. Would t have killed you to let her go ahead of you real quick? I always let people go I'm front of me I'm line when i have a bunch of stuff.

ESPECIALLY if i had to run back to get something i forgot. That was just rude.


Whites are tired of people like you always saying you are picked on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont care what color your skin is if you dont like the way your treated then try showing the whites respect also!!!!!

Now go drink your baby bottle and get your diaper changed and take a nap CRYBABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


I dont know if your BLACK OR RED but you people that are always crying foul can get on the boat or plane and go back where you came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek