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It's Monday morning, all the weekend rush of crickets buyers is over, and tomorrow the next shipment is coming, and all the bins are marked "FULL". So why cant I get the same 50 crickets a week as I have been for the last 15 years?

"The limit is 25." I have a few very old firebelly toads I bought at Petco. I have been going there for over 15 years to buy live crickets, 50 a week. I used to have to track down an employee who would have to go out back to get the crickets. Then they moved them to the middle of the store and then to the front.

They get 2 shipments of crickets a week. Buying crickets used to take from 10 minutes to an hour. For the last year they are telling me I can only get 25. So I have to go twice a week or my pets starve.

Plus the habitat is large and they have to hunt for food. The employees tell me the managers yell at them for escaped crickets and that they think they are not counting them. The manager told me that they don't get enough to feed their own animals! I told him that after a year of shortages that they have had time to develop other sources for crickets.

They obviously just look at it like its a hassle. But look at Petco, it's a giant petfood store that does other stuff too, to sell food. After a year it's so sad to see my aging pets failing to find food. There to little food for old toads to succeed, the older ones have failing vision, and they have bad eyesight to begin with.

My toads used to be bright green now they are dark and getting thinner all time. I told the manager that they sold me the pets and they refuse to sell me the food. They say that people are hoarding crickets and freezing them. BS but even if it were true so what?

Buy more crickets! (bs they sell dehydrated crickests) I am like 'you know me, I have been coming here since the store first opened and I get the same number of crickets every week'. All I get are excuses. My pets need food.

Don't spend your money at this store. There are so many bad reviews. Find a mom and pop shop, spend the extra time and money to support small business and take away from these monsters! Oh and my fish food is less at the GROCERY store!

All they do is rip people off, they don't care about your pets or you or the employees. I lost my favorite toad last year. He was so old and you could see his cataracts, like one I have now. I had to hand feed him at the end, he was pretty much blind.

And so thin. Look at how starved my dudes are!

They should be bright green live spring grass! I hate Petco!

ou for crickets.

User's recommendation: Stay away! Big box pet stores are evil!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 280 School Street, Mansfield, MA 02048

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