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I took my poodle mix to get groomed at Petco in porter ranch. When I left him they told me that he was very matted and that they had to cut his hair very short.

I though that sounded reasonable but what they didn't tell me was that it was going to be very painful for him. When I went to pick up Fluffy I noticed that his skin was very irritated. The next day he was shivering, his skin was very red, and his ear where infected. I took him to his vet and it turns out he had a very bad ear infection and skin irritation caused by the groomer.

Stay away from petco grooming salon's. It's been two months and my poor doggy stills has scars from the skin infection.

If you care about your dog's find another place for them to get groomed. Stay away from PETCO.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Lol dont let your dog get matted...skin hasnt breathed in a while what do you expect?


Well if a dogs hair is matted it has to be shaved then it will be red on its skin because air hasn't gotten to it in years! Not the groomers fault at all they r doing their job sounds like the owners either need to comb or take their pets every 4 to 6 weeks to get groomed them this wouldn't have happened because it wouldn't have had to get shaved!


When you dropped your dog off, do you remember signing paperwork to authorize the service? The groomer also most likely had you initial a "matted release." By initialing, you say you're aware that your dog is very matted and may have nicks/irritation as a result.

The irritation was most likely there before the groomers even touched him because the mats pull on the skin. Don't blame the groomers for your neglect.

Letting your dog get that matted is animal cruelty. You shouldn't even own a dog.


Okay this is rediclous. I am a dog groomer and have shaved many many matted dogs.

When a dog is matted to the skin clipper irritation is unfortunately going to happen. Rather than blaming your groomer take some responsibility for you neglecting you dog in the first place. It's cruel to allow your dog to get to that point.

Secondly ear infections do not develop overnight. I'd venture to guess that you probably don't take care of your dog's ears seeing as you don't maintain its coat.


I don't understand why it takes 5 hours one visit to groom my dog & 2 & 1/2 other visits. I'm assuming they over book. Then put my dog into a kennel to wait.


Ok, if you had a kid and they were like "mommy/daddy, this spot on my back hurts. I always feel thirsty even though I've had a gallon of water.

I feel dizzy and can't walk," and then you took that kid to the hospital and it turned out they were going into complete renal failure (their kidneys shut down), would you post "wow the hospital is horrible. I took my kid there because, after a week of ignoring their symptoms, I finally found the time to take my kid, and now my child has a bunch of needles in his/her arm, can't leave the hospital, and can barely get out of bed." no you wouldn't, that would be ridiculous. It is not the groomers fault that pet owners let their dogs get that badly matted.

And honestly, you're dogs skin may have been irritated for a while, but I'm sure it felt way better than being that badly matted. So if you wouldn't blame the hospital for your kid being sick, then don't blame the groomer for your dog being matted.


Grow up hun. Thats not how it works.

you dont know it all.


I am a groomer at petco and wanted to comment about your experience. Basically when a dog comes in very matted it is going to be painful for the dog to shave them out.

Why do you think it wouldn't be. Yes, of course his skin is going to be irritated and maybe you could take some of this responsibility as you after all should be getting your dog groomed regularly to avoid this problem. It's your dog. Why did you let it get to that point.

BTW did you tell the vet the extent of the matting. If so, he may have been less likely to blame the groomer.


It's not pet so fault I am a groomer of 10 hears I do it work for Petco but one thing that you should now that if you don't COMB you dog he or she will get matted and if you bath your dog like that it will get worst. Sometimes the only thing you can do is shave your pet Down under the matts there can bee skin irritation due to the matts pulling the skin.

You pet can develove skin issues . and if you don't clean your dogs ears well there's how the infection happen poddle or poddle mixes are a very high maintaince dogs you should of know that when you decided to go for a dog that you have to COMB almost everyday


for the lady that is saying it's PETCO fault that her dog was shaved all the way it's people like you that should not have dogs with hair if you don't have time to brush people that buy long hair dogs think that they stay nice without brushing them news flash to have a dog left long you have to brush them and take care of them stop blaming your groomer for you being lazy and not being a good pet owner


Wow you neglected your dog and when the groomer does what they can with the mess you brought in yoh turn around and complain. Seriously get a clue.


I took my tiny Yorkie to be groomed at Petco in Vancouver, WA and now she has teeny tiny black crystal like specs loose all over her back and I have no idea what they are? Any help with this...please and greatly appreciated what could have caused it and what it is!

Thanks a bunch!


Tiny black specs sounds like flea dirt to me can look like pepper in the hair also when flea dirt gets wet it turns red because it dried blood look at your dogs belly by the base of tail and behinde ears they seem to like thoose places the most I have been grooming for 11yrs and without seeing your dog that would be my best guess


Sounds neglectful on the owners part. There's no excuse for a pet to be matted.

The owner should have brought him in earlier on a regular basis. Groomers can only do their best with what they are given.

The groomer should have explained the risks of matting and shaving though.

It's their responsibility to educate the owners as a professional.


As a groomer, we get this alllll the time. The sores and skin irritation are what is UNDER the mats-caused by your neglect.

Bring your poodle in every 6 to 8 WEEKS not months. The ear infection was most likely due to mats in the ears/or excessive ear hair /yeast infection.


It's not just petco or pets smart I took my doggie to Rubens pet groomer in mission hills besides paying $65 they cut he's ear and didn't say anything till two days later when it was big and infected I was out $250 and the $65 .Its just hard finding a good groomer and cheap too.Good Luck it crazy keeping dogs clean :upset


Side-note: This site should tell you when you've reached your character limit.

The title below should say "Representing all Properly-Suited Managers and Business Owners"


These idiots all have a ton of anger issues. You all sit here *** that people don't understand what you do and it's a thankless job. Yeah, guess what? Most jobs are like that. And I guarantee most of you are just as guilty of *** about how you view someone else doing their job: The waiter who gets torn a new *** hole because the cooks messed up your food; the insanely busy cooks who get blamed for slow service when the restaurant is filled beyond maximum capacity; the customer service rep who gets *** on because you're the *** who bought the wrong product or doesn't understand how to use it; the sales clerk who gets a truckload of sarcasm and insulting quips for the prices they had no involvement in producing.

Yeah, your job is tough and customers don't always understand what you do. Maybe take an extra minute to explain the pet-owners' mistakes to them... IN A POLITE AND PROFESSIONAL MANNER. Whether you realize it or not, you're in the customer service industry. Customers tend to be ignorant, ***, and annoying. It's still your job to deal with their annoying habits and explain what they should expect from the service they're paying for. If it's not worth the reward of seeing the happy faces of the satisfied customers, then get the *** out of the customer service industry because you have no business being there. You love animals and hate people? Go work at a rescue shelter. They need you more than corporations and spoiled pet-owners.

Stop *** and learn how to do the job you chose. Or find one for which you're better suited.


Beware of the Petco in Hixson, Tn. Groomers are not properly trained and if you love your pet stay away from there.


You cut my cat! :(