Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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I purchased two boxes of Beyond One cat food in Norman Oklahoma, Petco store.

When I opened the box out flew a moth, come to find out it was meal worms and both boxes were bad. Since I paid cash for them I only wanted to exchange the food.

Come to find out all of the boxes were bad and since I did not have my receipt she claims the only food sold that day was marked down to $.70 a box. Unbelievable.

I went and the display was clearly marked $3.60 so they are telling me the cashier made an error that is a crock. Either they sold this for $.70 knowing it was bad food or they are just plain idiots, either way they have just lost my business at there stores, grooming, hospital.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Cashier.

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The indian miller moths are a problem from purina. I've seen it hundreds of times, at grocery stores, walmart, other pet stores.


The markdown could have been because the food was near the end of it's shelf-life. Petco routinely marks down expiring food from 10% to nearly 100% off depending on the expiration date for the food. This is far from meaning that it was marked down because it was "bad food".

Unfortunately, lower-grade pet food (Beneful, Iams, Friskies, Purina) is also notorious for infestations, no matter what precautions stores take. And, try as we may, sometimes there are packages of food that make it out the door with various infestations. This isn't a problem that is exclusive to Petco, as many other retailers -- both pet-centric and grocery -- run into these types of problems with food of this caliber.

I also fail to see how it was the fault of the store itself if you failed to keep your receipt for the infested food. The store's return policy is very clearly laid out at each register checkout. If the store says the only food that matches your return went out the door for a certain price, that is the price you are going to be given as your return.

The thing I find rather befuddling is you seem to say in your complaint that you bought the food full price, but then go onto claim the store "sold this for $.70 knowing it was bad food"... So, which was it? Did they "sell you bad food" at a discounted price; or did you pay full price for it? Because, it seems to me, even you aren't sure what you paid for the food.