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I saw the lady that is the General Manager of the Grooming Department of Harker Heights Petco in Texas hit a dog while watching if I would like to bring my dogs here for grooming.

I usually come there to get rabbit food for my rabbits and hay for my rabbits and to look at the animals and see what I would like to bring home if I have room for another animal at the time. But I won't be doing that anymore over there.

To think they would let a lady that hits dogs work there and don't say anything. That place is a shame that now represents all their other Petco stores that I know of and I will not go to any of those either. There was one other worker there but she was busy with another dog and wasn't bothering to look at what was going on. I didn't want to say anything because I'm not that type of person to say anything out loud but thinking about it after taking my dogs to someone that I felt safe with, I decided that I would put this information out.

Nobody should leave their pet with someone that could harm it, so I will not be going there anymore. I will not get my pets groomed there because of that woman, I will not buy anything from there anymore either. If I get any new pets they will not be trained there. If I buy or adopt another pet it will not be in or near that store and doing that to someone's pet in front of a customer is a huge fail.

I would not trust that lady anywhere near any pets again and if she does this to pets, I wouldn't trust her near people too. Any one that has a pet that needs grooming should never go near that lady or Petco itself for keeping her around.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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I do no work for Petco no will I ever they just don't pay enough. It seems like star1999 and kiki22922 are the same person so if either one of you witnessed this abuse taking place why did you not report it?

You could have taken a video with a cell phone, most of them have those you know. So it seems like the guilt fessed up really quick and has asked to be left alone. The question remains are you gonna come clean on your lies or just sit in silence and hope everyone forgets about your trash talk! Petco in Harker Heights has a great and knowledgable staff that has always help me every time I have been there.

As far as petsmart can't say never been there. The best thing about these sites you can really tell who the *** customers are,most of the complainers will resort to posting their thoughts online like they are important.

We are not communist yet so feels free to take your business elsewhere. Peace Bitc*** I got better *** to do


Everybody is saying that I posted it but I'm sorry I did not. Don't even go in there anymore.

U guys need to talk to the person who posted it. Just leave me alone.


As someone who used to work at that Petco. I know the associate that this post is about and the person writing this is full of ***.

Just because you are pissed off about something else, how dare you accuse her of that. I used to know her, and she is FAR from like that.

The Harker Heights petco is an amazing store. And I have been to the Killeen petsmart and was highly disappointed.

@Former Employee

again I am NOT a former employee... never worked for this company ever....This is my opinion and i am just saying the things I again i am NOT the former grooming manager nor do I want the position back since I never held it....

@Former Employee

in reply to FISH's message

#719064 no it actually happend before.. I witnessed some groomers being very ruff and jerking leashes when dogs on the tables....even going so far as hitting dogs....also I do believe customer service at the Harker Heights store is very poor...

I live in HH- and no I am NOT an ex-employee but i rather drive to the Killeen Petsmart store for all my dogs needs.....I actually received a survey a while back... I was asked what time would be a good time to call for the GM regarding any concerns... well my prefered time was after 5pm however I received a call at 0930am....

I called back several times- GM was always unavailable....Previously I was very pleased with the grooming of my dog... however for about a year now I refuse to bring my dog or my money to PETCO!


I hope it got reported.


I know that happen before and the gm did nothing but have a little talk with her. I think the general manager should be replaced as well for letting this happen again.


I think the person who wrote this an ex employee that should move on with their life. Bad mouthing will not get your position back as grooming manager. I personally use the Harker Heights Petco for all grooming needs and they do a wonderful job.


thats such a low blow...appearantly you work there! No one is bad mouthing anyone..I hope you enjoy your position while it lasts! Previous employees did wonderful jobs..and if you dont like animals OR your job- go work somewhere else....