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We placed an order on the Petco website, as we've done many times, and they sent out the order twice - charged our card twice. Well, we sent the duplicate order back and Petco received it over a week ago.

Did they credit our card back? Nope. We had to call and go through several people and then a few hours later they sent an email saying they credited it back, with a 3-5 days until we see the credit.

So it's been a month now that they've had our money based on their mistake, and not one apology, and we're still waiting for the money. We were steady customers and now we will NEVER order from Petco again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Website.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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It takes the company 3 to 5 business days to send the refund to your bank/credit card but there may be additional time following based on your financial institution's policy as well. Plus it is common sense that a company won't begin a refund until it receives the items back.

You're ignoring things like time to process your shipment (because let's be honest this is a large corporation, you're not the only mail they receive), time for them to then issue the refund and time for your credit card company to then apply the refund to.your account. You are basically an ***.


File a complaint with the Department of Justice, The State Department of Banking, The Federal Trade Commission, The BBB The Department of Financial Institution and the Office of the Comp Controller. Also, inform your credit card to block all charges from this company.

It is faster on the internet to file. Get names and times that you talked to them. I don't know what credit card you have but Discover Card credits back the money to you while they contact the business and they do not charge you interest on the amount in dispute. Also get the name of corporate and send a certified letter to the president if they even have one.

If you have Pay Pal Smart Connect which goes through GE Capital Retail Bank good luck because they are in "The No Brain Zone" and have "Crookititus" and "Idiotitus" and its getting worse.

Plus GE Capital monitors this website and this website only takes Pay Pal. Good Luck