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Hello. My name is.  Jacque noel. I've. Been with PETCO. For a wild now.  An 3 mouths. Ago ....had a very very bad experience with one of your employees.   Sent July of 2013. I've been trying to have my puppy at time. To get them to bath an cut her hair an Nail. Six time I've been up there an they  said. I need this shoots I got them then they this kind of shoot. So I set alarm set for six times. The last time didn't want to cut dog hair because the guy was going home in two hour. So I ask for the supervisor.  Then I was going to wait until the next. Day. But the guy said he would do it. Then I said I'm will go to pet smart. Then he talk me into do it there. An said if something. Happened. To my dog I'm going to get mad. An he said nothing will happen.   So I was going back to pick up my dog.  An the guy came running out from the store an he told me that he nip my dog tongue. An it was bleeding bad. An I was mad.  An left. I have pictures of my dog. An they did offer me anything.  Thank jacque. Email.

jacque noel

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Ok, I think I understand what went let me try and explain.

Yes, you do need shots before they can accept your dog. There is no way around it, it is for the safety of the groomers and other dogs in the salon.

They were right to turn you away while the groomer was near the end of his/her shift. They NEVER work on a single dog all the way through. They have too many clients to service in a shift to do that, and owners who expect it need to get in touch with reality. If you need this service make sure you discuss it when booking your appointment.

You will be charged extra, and they will try to book you on a slower day.

Alright, now to the tongue issue. Everyone loves their dogs. I love my dog, he's like family. By taking him to a grooming salon, you have decided that you cannot/will not groom the dog yourself.

The groomers are professionals and they don't enjoy harming pets. Some dogs, and puppies, can be more difficult to groom. They lick while a groomer scissors around their face, they thrash when they hear the sound of the clippers, and they try to *** because they don't like having their feet touched. As a result sometimes accidents do happen.

Your groomer was probably written up or received points on her record because of the incident, and they probably felt genuinely bad about nicking the dog's tongue. If you're still upset about what happened just don't go back.

It really is that simple. Just understand that it could have happened at any salon.


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