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I placed an order for multiple items online with Petco to be shipped to my home. The next day I noticed that they had duplicated the order (discovered as I received 2 identical emails the next day). I called customer service to resolve the issue and was told that they had a computer issue and numerous (over 100) customers had the same thing happen. Their resolution was to tell me to wait until the duplicate order arrived, return it to a Petco, in person, and then they would refund my credit card. I said, no. I did not cause the issue - cancel the duplicate order and refund my money on my card immediately. After multiple calls and no appropriate resolution to a mistake that was their fault, I had to be sure to be home when the shipment arrived in order to refuse the delivery.

They then tried to make me pay for the shipping on the item that they erroneously tried to deliver to me. I did finally get my shipping refunded on the duplicate order.

Their customer service representatives were kind, however, the company has bad policies in place to resolve issues - especially when they are at fault and readily admit it. We have 2 guinea pigs, 10 rabbits, a dog and a cat .... we will not shop at Petco in the future due to this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Shipping Service.

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