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I bought a 40lb. bag of bird seed on sale for 12.99 and their sale tax is 8.8750%.

It came to 15.16. I checked on the computer and I was over charged. It should have been 14.14 so they are stealing money. I will not go to Petco again.

My neighbor had the same problem with Petco. He also bought bird seed and they over charged him tax also. He complained to the manger who did nothing. My neighbor then gave them back the bird seed and got a refund.

This is something that I really should have done. So beware and check your recipts.

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I constantly hear would you like to make a donation each and every x I checkout, I reply no thanks, every x with a smile. Today I bought a few cans and displayed petco card and noticed 4 steps from counter, on way out, no change..? cashier looked and said "you donated your change" WTF???????.


The problem with Petco is that they are claiming that the customer is using a coupon. They issue a weekly ad stating the sale price if you use your PALS card.

When you get to the register, they claim the PALS card is a coupon card. It's a game and no other major retailer does that.

So I don't shop them anymore! Play games, get less business Petco!


Please read shadowpups. If you are capable of navigating the internet to complain, you should be capable of learning how taxes work.

It's the same in every store. You and you're neighbor need a new conspiracy to obsess over. How bout war, famine, disease, and torture?

And if you expect any manager at any store anywhere to be capable or ballsy enough to try and stiff the tax man, you are insane. To put this in perspective, you are complaining about less money than it cost in time and electricity to boot your computer, get on the internet and type your complaint.


State law required you to be charged tax on the price before the discount. Petco does not decide how much you will be taxed as they have no control over it. Before you go ranting on a website about how you were wronged, do some research and save yourself the embarassment.