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its funny to read these reports.. petco prices are too high, they have no competition, i was fired, any expert wouldnt work there...

get a life, you all are just bitter... petco does have competition, petsmart, pet friends, pet nutrition center, even costco and smart and final or any grocery store that sells dog food.. if u were fired from petco you are an ***. you have to be late by more than 7 minutes 11 times in ur first 90 days or 18 times during a twelve month period after that or just do ridiculous things which have harsher consequences.

oh ya, to the person that says who would buy a $200 dollar cat tree? well i've witness multiple customers spend well over 300 dollars in the store, and people buy $250 dollar cat trees that are over 6ft tall. just admit that you are poor, uneducated, and are bitter that you dont have a better job to be able to provide better care for your pets, or dont buy it and make one! u cant buy wood screw it together and wrap it in carpet and rope?

i can. oh and to the lady with the grooming department complaint about pulling the dog by the ear.. you are a liar, they have cameras everywhere and why didnt you say anything to a manager, you are just as guilty as her (if you really saw that)..

that groomer would have been fired in an instant. get a life.

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I work as a grooming salon apprentice in petco and I absolutely love my job. I read these reviews and I'm shocked by what people say about the salons.

Granted I have no experience in those salons but the ones I have worked in have all been extremely compassionate and caring to all the dogs we bring in. I do my best to accommodate what will make the dogs most comfortable such as letting older dogs lay down or sit on the table rather than making them stand while I do their nails.

I try to let the dogs know through pets and hugs that my salon isnt scary and they can trust me to take care of them. I can't say the same for everyone but grooming takes a lot of love to do


Groomers have probably stopped loving there jobs because petco is no longer about what is best for the animals! We have to sit back and have corporate tell us what is safe and unsafe for us to do in a grooming salon when they have never worked a day in one!

That alone has cause stress in my home salon. Ther are policies we are supposed to follow and if you know the policies you know one policy contradicts the other! Also letting a dog lay down on a table is supposedly not safe according to them they should be standing. I know I'm sure the *** afraid of stepping up on foot on a latter.

But I guess they think we produce magic to help puppies adapt to being groomed for the first time and not knowing what's going on!

As for hugging a dog there is supposed to be a certain amount of space between you grooming and the dogs face. At one point me were allowed to show we loved customers dogs and that they loved us back!


I work there and I love working there and for the ppl that say things are to expensive may I remind petco price matches and has a great savings with the free pals rewards card. I'm going to school to be a vetarnarian and working at petco has helped me not only learn more but be able to experience more!

We do take care of the animals and very well at that all of us play with them, clean them and their cages and feed them twice a day or more if their bowl gets empty. We even clean and feed the crickets like they were animals. Yes sometimes ppl buy mice and rats to feed their snakes but petco also has a sign saying "Petco highly recommends feeding snakes frozen mice located in the aquatics freezer.

Ask an associate for assistance if needed" we can't help what that ppl will buy the mice to feed. I know the mice thing is random but I saw it on another review!


Crickets ARE animals....


Customers need to quit acting shocked when associates cannot or will not dispense the proper advise that the customer SHOULD be asking their vetrinarian for.We are not vets. We are minimum wage clerks working at understaffed stores.

You get what you pay for.


yer all dumb ***, try working for Petra in humble texas

@*** please

I know someone who works at the store, and Petra has a horrible reputation, she is the highest paid store employee and yet does nothing, lazy *itch. Oh and she isnt even the worse store leader, try working for Tanya, no people skills, and if she didnt hire you, then she is going to try to get you fired or quit!

*** pay, no raises, and unreasonable expectations.

Really sux as a employee when you have degrees, and your boss has a ged.

Too many uneducated cheifs.

@*** please

I know of petra, she is pretty bad, highest paid store employee and does absolutely nothing, I think its a ifirmitave action thing. Could be wore try working for Tanya, if she didnt hire and train you, then she is going to try to get you to quit or fire you.

All that and you work for a company that gives *rap raises, runs skelaton crews, and has unreasonable expectations.

Also most gm's @ petco are uneducated/ged. Not a nice company to work for.


Okay Petco people, in all honesty I never buy all the complaints people have about any company. Some of them are really out there.

That being said, it is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY unprofessional for you to come on here and BASH them as a business or as a person who is a part of the business. It really goes to show how condesending you can be! To say "Oh you're poor, you can't afford things here hahaha", how is that funny that some people are poor? Are you trying to insult people who are less fortunate?

Shame on you! I would never in a million years misrepresent my company or insult even the worse of its customers that way, because it reflects bad on my work!

I'm surprised Petco hasn't fired this person who wrote that? It's just completely rude and it really brings down the company's reputation!


To Petco Employee,

Each position has a specific job description. There is a need for every manager.

Unfortunately, your store just had lazy ones that don't do their job.

Every day, there is plenty for each of us to do off our own list of responsibilities as well as helping each other get their list of duties done. We never have a reason to wander around on our phones (which you're right, rude and unprofessional.)


I am an employee of Petco, and I love it. I started only 5 months ago as just a part time Sales Associate, and am now a full time manager who's GM would like to talk to about becoming his assistant. Goes to show, they DO promote within. In fact, they prefer to promote within.

Petco has tons of competition, and yes there is alot of product you can find cheaper elsewhere. Fortunately for Petco, they have a 30 day guarantee on everything in the store (except feeder fish and marine fish of course) unlike many other competitors, and even have this amazing thing called "Price Match Guarantee." If you find it cheaper elsewhere, let them know, they will match that price for you. In my store, we are well aware of certain product being far cheaper at other stores and will even match that price without the customer saying anything because that's just what we do. We strive for excellent service.

Just yesterday, a customer grabbed an item that another customer stuck on the wrong peg. The peg he found it on said the item was only $5.99, unfortunately, it is $35.99. (An item that is actually more expensive elsewhere) I was upset that it was such a large difference in price, but I offered to give it to him for 20% off due to the inconvenience. My customer was ecstatic. He bought the item, left a donation, and thanked my employees and myself for doing such a thing for him.

As far the comment about your sister getting fired for feeding the animals cheetos and triscuits; she should have been punished for that. And if Petco went as far as to fire her, I highly doubt it was really just 2 cheetos. I would venture to guess it was a recurring issue and she wouldn't stop. Those things are unhealthy for us and difficult for us to digest. What on earth made her think a rat could digest it? In fact, they could KILL the rats.

But, who am I to talk. I work in the highest profiting store with the best grooming salon in my district. And we have a wonderful store manager who actually cares about his employees as well as the animals. His biggest thing is proper nutritrion, as that is what he went to school for (Large cattle nutrition actually, but has focused on dog and cat nutrition since starting at Petco) Our DM and district's companion animal supervisor are also amazing. A little intimidating (what big wig isn't intimidating?), but wonderful nonetheless. I think I've just been blessed with great work ethic, and a wonderful crew above and below me. A store is only as great as it's weakest link.

@Proud Petco Employee

This is how I feel about my store! Ive been there 6 months and I love it, my managers are awesome and my co-workers are too!

Im glad there are other people having a good experience working at Petco like me. =]

@Proud Petco Employee

Feeding a rat cheetos will NOT hurt it, they eat whatever. All the management issues and gender biass aside- the animals are poorly cared for- at least that rat got something to eat that day.


I disagree. My sister was just fired from Petco after giving 14 yrs of her work and compassion for animals to them with no one defending her when her manager targeted her over I suppose a personal dislike.

How trivial to ride her for treating the rats to an occasional cheeto or triscuit?

Never late, doesn't steal, works hard in animal care and is fired over 2 cheetos. You are wrong when you say it takes a lot to get fired from Petco, not if your manager has it in for you.


I work at a petco in Ohio. I do not have a college degree but I do have a GED.

You are obviously a dumb ***, collegeeducated. These are real complaints and real people. You are not showing the true petco way.

And if you are currently working for petco.. I would fire you if you were working in my store, and I wouldnt care what the matter is.

Your ego is shoved so far up your *** you actually believe it.

Yes, petco is high priced, but it's employees like you that give our stores a bad name.


Collegeeducaated,you must of missed the first day of Retail 101.Be kind to your customers,try to help them as you would liked to be helped.If you cannot manage that simple concept then YOU are not qualified to serve the general public and need to find another means of income.


To the college educated (probably manager, you sound like ***. Most people I worked with worked there because they liked working with animals.

You should probably go work with the Portsmouth manager. That way, there will be 2 idiots managing.


Managers and corporate staff have no integrity. This a multi million dollar company and they can't afford to give out raises.

Less raises for employess means more money for yearly bonuses for the bosses.(Average bonuses are equivelent to about 11,000 oer year.) If managers exceed their monthly budget,they get it deducted from their bonuses. That's how come when you ask for necessary h sitems the store needs they always say no because customer don't matter, only their raises. Priorites are really screwed up. I worked for a manager in the Portsmout store whose moral compass is completly off.

He is self centered and egotistical to say the least.The employee turnover is incredible and corporate has turned a blind eye. He's a massive liability.!!!! He has been inappropriate with females(which corporate is aware of).HE IS STILL EMPLOYED THERE!!! I have since left the company and moved on.For the talented and hardworking employees still working there,"find an employer who appreciates you!!!

Information is slander only when untrue. Coorporate has all the facts.


I work at petco now for about 4 months as a sales associate/greeter/cashier/and a bather. I don't see the point of having any other managers other than main manager assistant and the grooming manager.

Theirs a price manager, small animals manager and a dog n cat food manager. Which is so ***.

Those managers in my store walk around all day on their phones and not do ***. Rude and unprofessional.

@petco employee

why is Petco loosing customers and cannot keep sales ppl? Well, you so-called "managers" claim to be so smart, you figure it out.

Oh, and threating an employee that you DID NOT TRAIN to fire her if she makes another mistake on the register - PLEASE, I am a grandmother, not a young punk. Try taking care of the ppl who TAKE CARE of the ppl who take care of your customers.

Where do they get their animals? Shipped in boxes like any other comodoty- same place they set up thier slave--labor shops- not to mention the poor care- these ppl care about profit margines, not animals.