Portsmouth, New Hampshire

My girlfriend made an appt for my cat to be groomed at petco in Portsmouth NH. After 5 hours they said they had an hour left.

We returned an hour later and found that the groomers left and he had a buzz cut on 3/4 of his body and his legs and head still full length. This is a Maine coon so his hair is pretty long in winter. We eventually demanded our cat back, they still charged us 1/2 the price because they cut his nails and washed him (he can't even get on the couch his nails are so short).

Never again. Never again

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Well at least they were courteous enough to charge half for a job half done. People get behind, and it's not their fault it took longer than expected, so go cry elsewhere.


are u serious???? u dont shave a cats head and u dont shave their legs because they its almost impossible not to cut them!

and if ur cat cant use its CLAWS to climb up ur couch i think its got prob cause my cat has no claws and shes 13 yrs old and has no problems getting on any thing let alone the lowest thing in my house!!! wow!!


Well they did half the job you still have to pay.