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We took my dog for his 1:00 p.m. grooming appointment.

While we were there another dog came in and the girl in the front desk left me to take care of him saying that she will be right back. Another girl came out to take my info. It was 1:30 p.m. by now.

The girl told us to come back at 3:30, which we did. At that time they told us another hour. We came back and were told that he was not groomed yet, just bathed. The groomer said she had a difficult dog and it was taking a long time.

We should leave my dog for another 3 hrs. Mind you, my dog was caged all this time. He was given water, but was still caged up. The groomer said she bathed him.

I bathe him at home. I brought him in to have his hair and nails cut. My husband was livid at this situation. We took our dog and went home.

He was starving and practically inhaled his food. I calmed my husband down and called Petco's manager, who said he was sorry this happened and asked me to hold on while he went to investigate. He came back on the line and said the other groomers left for the day and the groomer had a difficult dog. The manager would give us a $5 Coupon for next time.

I told the manager how unprofessional the grooming staff was. We were there 3:30. They could have told us he was not groomed yet. I will never take my dog there to be groomed.

My experience with the store has been positive until now. I feel so bad door my dog.

I wonder how many people just let them do this to them. Maybe the management should check their groomers more diligently.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $39.

  • Grooming service not delivered
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The biggest problem I'm having with this complaint is that you said you brought your dog in at 1pm and took it home between 3:30 and 4:30pm (I didn't quite catch that one)...Why in the world was your dog STARVING after 4-ish hours without food?

I know some people leave food out 24/7 for their pets, but it should have been fine for 4 hours.


Because the world servers to cater to you


They could have easily called and let the family know it would be longer than expected and explain the situation over the phone. It's *** that they had to waste gas (which isn't cheap!) to be told to come back later. The world doesn't have to "cater" to people, but others should be more considerate.