Elizabeth, New Jersey

I used to work for Circuit City and left do to $600 owed to me. When I applied to Petco, I told the GM of the reason of leaving, she laughed and said that wouldn't happen.

SO! Within the first 2 weeks of working, who owes me over $200? This is a horrible company to work for. The numerous complaints against the GM from employees and costumers, she still is working there.

The employees honestly care for the animals and costumer needs, but feel that the district manager does not care. Corporate only cares about beating PetSmart. Covering the break-room is how much better we are than PetSmart and how we are going to lead the pet industry again.

For a GM that works 4 days a week (if that), has had almost every employee file a complaint, she still is there. Our stored looks like ***, products in wrong places, but yet she only cares about what it looks like....when people from Corporate come in ( to cover her behind). I haven't been payed for a week...and the story keeps changing. Department of labor will have a call if I am not handed a paycheck within the next 2 days.

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Whoa dude CALM DOWN! Most companies 'hold' your first paycheck, I'm not sure why but the first check from a job is usually rolled into the next pay period


I worked for Petco for four years, through 3 DMs, 3 GMs, and a multitude of other managers. I was the companies number one Dog Trainer, and made my store 7th in the nation.

I put up with the hostile work conditions because of the terrible economy. A customer offered me a job, and I am now working for a company that cares about their employees.

Petco should be investigated by the EEOC!!!!! My prayers for the people who are still living in the *** of Petco stores!



Although I have heard horror stories, I am thankful that the store I work at is not like that, and neither are our DM or RM. I know that eventually the good employees overthrow the bad. And I hope that this company does not lose any more good employees due to these few bad issues.


Don't sign the dog training contract and for those of you with insurance- deal with the company not with petco. I worked in the office and had a manager actually write to the insurance company telling them that an employees condition was preexisting.

What does an over weight manager eating McDonalds every day know about another employees medical condition? nothing


I know exactly what you're going through! I worked at the Petco in Phillipsburg for a while and left due to a harsh arguement between my former manager.

I was promised that my check would be mailed to me so I wouldn't have to come back to the store. Two weeks after I was supposed to receive my paycheck, I went to the store and the assistant manager told me my check was mailed and I left. This was in October of 2008. I received my check in September of 2009!

You have 180 days from the date of the check to cash it, and clearly that had run out. I called the Petco hotline and was forwarded to someone in charge of employees and wages. It went straight to voicemail, to which I left my name, number, and brief polite message. I wasn't called back.

Over the next two weeks, I called back 8 times, and left a multitude of messages. The final time I called I was finally able to speak to someone. Halfway through our conversation, she hung up on me. I called back and it was sent straight to voicemail.

It's been over a year and I still haven't received anything but grief. Don't expect anything more than that from them!


You have bad management, and honestly the people in the NSC do care its the DMs and some GMs that really suck. If you cant solve it at the GM level take the issue to the DM if he/she wont fix it talk to the Regional Manager, If they wont then contact the 1-800 hotline or find the contact info for the HR person and talk to them yourself.


we ace our walks in every department


Its like that everywhere I am afriaid. I have made multiple complaints about my GM and DM and nothing happens.

When we were at our old store our

GM would just sit in the office all day and the store looked like ***. Our new store has CAMERAS so he doesnt sit in the office as much but it still looks like *** and animal care is horrendous. They want to meet budget so they wont take sick animals to the vet.

We have had several hamsters die because they were to lazy to call and get medication. I am only still there cause I need the money.