Rock Port, Missouri
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The open doggie treat bar in the Petco store in St. Joseph, MO.

The treats always end up full of bugs and worms within a week or two and I have to throw them away. I can only get there about once a month as I live a distance away.

I've tried keeping them in the plastic bags that they come in.....I've tried putting them in a sealed canister.....but they always end up full of worms, bugs and webs.

I sure hope you let Petco know about this so they can correct the problem. I don't intend to buy them there again.

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Former Petco Manager

They are contaminated when they come in.... I used to open up boxes and find little worms crawling...

also bad are the bulk pig/cow ears and all wild bird food. We had regular infestations of all three!


put them into the freezer to kill the worms, theyre protien


They may already be contaminated when you by them...considering they are out in the open. Not really sanitary...