Racine, Wisconsin

I went into PETCO May 9 2013 in Racine, WI to get a new grooming tool for my Maine Coon. I was impressed by the groomer and agreed to have the cat washed dried and combed out on May 10th.

I dropped my cat off at 12 noon, at 1:30pm

I received a call saying that they had checked on my cat, it wasn't breathing and they were taking it to the Animal emergency center. All I can say is that my cat checked clear 2 weeks before. The breeder had the cat tested for FIV, FELV, MyBPC, AND HCM. The testing included DNA genetics testing from Ohio State University Vet Hospital.

My cat tested negative in all counts. My cat also had been groomed by other groomers numerous times. PETCO was quick to apologize after I called them and promised (the district manager) to get back to me after investigating the situation.

I realize I never will know for sure what happened, how my cat was treated, the conditions he was in, or how long my cat was left alone.

All I know is I trusted them with my cat who was greatly loved and now he's dead. The cat was also had 6 show ribbons and was a champion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I am so sorry for your loss. People should be aware of Petco's grooming salon's reputation.

This saddens me. Pet's are viewed as property like a T.V.

and valued as such. There should be a law that if a pet is hurt or killed at a grooming salon the owner should have a full incident report of the events.


It could have been HCM - what is the ancestry of the cat?


I am sorry for your loss. Please tell people your story so they don't bring in their beloved pet for grooming at pet co.

It will save another pet from death. Blessings


Ask if they have the heated dryers. Those are the boxes that are enclosed and produce heat that needs to be regulated.

Before I worked at PetCrap, they had killed a cat using the heated box. I tore the door off and told them I will never allow one of those to be used on my watch. The district services mgr disagreed with me. This company is rotten from the top down.

If you follow grooming, you will see that these boxes have killed many animals.

I am so sorry you lost your cat.


Very dissapointed at the Petco near my home in Hobart In. Most of the containers with the dog treats that you can buy by the pound were empty today.

I was asking for help the employees were standing around talking and made no attempts to help me.

When I called the store to speek to a manager I was put on hold then I was asked by a employee what I wanted and she was relaying the conversation to the manager who would not speek to me on the phone. I will no longer purchase anything from petco again!