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Update by user Jun 26

Update: I called a few more times and eventually got Kathy the Petco representative. She reiterated that my phone number was copied wrong (human error) the first time and she had the division manager call me back.

He apologized and offered me a gift card. He asked me how do I feel we can resolve this. I explained that I would like the manager to be spoken to about how I was treated and it would be nice if I got an email saying he was spoken to. He said because of privacy laws he could not tell me certain things and he will look into sending me an email but he assured me that people were spoken to and that customer service is very important to Petco.

I said "this is not about money, it is about the way I was treated" and he said the gift card he wants to send is a gesture and that he understands the way I was treated should never have happened. I guess according to Petco there are privacy laws in America that prevent them from telling me what was done about the situation?

Original review posted by user May 27

My name is Chris Herbert. I frequent this Clifton new jersey petco and spend a lot there.

I went today and they were busy in fish so I waited. I asked ho much the irredescent sharks were because I did not see a tag. The manager said 2.99 so I said "wow that's great" nd me and the other woman who worked there walked up front. The fish rang up 4.99 but the women said "give it to him for 2.99 I was there and heard the price he was told".

She said "don't worry" but the cashier needed an override wo they called another manager named Candido who gave me a nasty look and said "wait" and walked away with the fish. I explained that I was there for an hour already and have to go. The cashier was nice and said "I have no idea why he will not just give you the fish, it is two dollars", He came back and said the fish is 4.99. I said "well two of your employees said it was 2.99 and you made me wait.

I am 50 years old and I actually knew a few people online but right in front of them Candido rudely said "too bad, the fish is 4.99 do you want it or not". I had no clue why he hated me but I said "I will go to another store from now on, I spend thousands here, are you going to lose me over two dollars when it was your mistake not mine?" and he smiled and said "absolutely". I got mad and demanded his name and the complaint number. I called in my car and the woman (angie) was very nice.

They needed names and store number so I had to go back in the store. At that point the first manager who quoted me the wrong price said "you were not here for an hour that is not true and you can not yell in my store" I was not yelling, I was on the phone with Petco and the entire time I was being tapped. Angie said she did not think I was yelling and I seemed very reasonable. She said she would be upset to.

I admit I was upset.

Anyway the store called the police and I left when the Clifton cops showed up. I am waiting for a call back from a woman named Kathy who I am told will get back to me in 48 hours.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2.

I didn't like: Today i was treated like a piece of garbage.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from May 27.
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Yep they are doing something. They are ignoring you.

See they can prove you did not wait an hour, video being time stamped and such. Since there was no POSTED price the employee could have been quoting a previous sale price. You can write as many negative reviews but atleast be honest. You admit you were upset, over $2, and we all get that.

But since there was no posted price and once rung up its different then what you were told or heard., you had the option to not buy it. Since it wasn’t actually mispriced why would you expect that someone from management is going to give you your way? If it was actually a posted price I would say go to town! You had to wait for the customers in front of you in order to have your turn.

You know you didn’t wait a hour and to lie and say you did only shows that you will taken any mistake and capitalize on it to YOUR benefit. Really just get over it and don’t shop there again. You made a scene because you wanted something done the way you wanted. Where is the recompense for the employees who had to put up with your attitude and mouth?

Face it the police were called, this means you went out of control to the point you were asked to leave and DID NOT!! You chose to try and stand your ground when the ground was taken away from you. It’s STILL their private property and you have no right to make a scene. It would be the same as someone walking into your home and NOT LEAVING!

You chose to escalate the situation and paid the price for doing so. Get over it and move on and learn from it. But people like you will ONLY see how “wronged” you are and justify ANY negative behavior. Maybe you should be fair and write a post about how YOU acted.

I know for a fact that if a employee wrote a post about you it definitely wouldn’t show you as much of a victim as you claim.

One wonders what the actual video would show. Maybe they will sue you for defamation and show it in court so it’s public record.


Hello this is chris Herbert again. I called today for the 14th time.

I was told that someone will get back to me. Today is Monday. Friday when I called (the 13th time) I was told that the phone number they had was typed in wrong (human error) and that they did call me one time but they called the wrong number.

I feel that with my 14 calls and 6 online complaints and me writing what happened on Petco's youtube video..... someone should have done something by now.


Hello, chris Herbert again. I am on the phone with Petco right now.

this is my eleventh call and not a single person has called me back. Now this woman says in the notes it says they tried to call me.

I have no missed calls on my phone at all. It is 1pm est and no one is available to talk to me about this issue?


I have not received a single call yet and I called now for the eleventh time. They say they tried to call me but I have no missed calls on my phone.


Hi Chris. We apologize for the experience.

Please contact our Customer Support at 1 (888) 824 7257 or email us at customerrelations@petco.com so that we can look into this.

Kindly include a link to your post for our reference. Thank you.

to Petco #1488760

I just emailed this link to the email you provided. Thank you.

I really do hope something is done. Who knows how many customers this candido possibly treated this way and the customers did not bother to complain. The women said "sorry" but at no time did anyone else working there even say sorry for the wrong price or the trouble.

They all openly admit they told me the wrong price. I think the words "too bad" was what really upset me the most.

to BewilderedElephantSeal932 #1489951

I called two more times and emailed the link again. I have still not received a call from anyone. I hope they are behind the scenes working on and investigating the problem but I fear that no steps have been taken yet.

to BewilderedElephantSeal932 #1490887

Hello. Chris Herbert again.

I called again yesterday so that is four calls and I wrote this in a few places. I still have not received a single phone call.

to Petco #1493287

Hello, this is chris Herbert again. I sent the email and I called the number ten more times.

I still have not received a single call back. Each time I call the number they say my case has been escalated.

to Petco #1493290

Hello. Chris Herbert again.I called again yesterday so that is four calls and I wrote this in a few places. I still have not received a single phone call.

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