Baltimore, Maryland

On a Friday evening in December at a brand new location in Maryland, PetCo had ONE cashier and several customers patiently waiting to check out. I stood in line for over 15 minutes and when I got to the counter...

they scanned my $100 bill in this new, high tech ultra-violet machine and said they couldn't accept my bill. My money is REAL, not fake and I will NEVER step foot in there again.

I doubt this store will be able to handle the Christmas rush successfully. What ever happened to that pen companies use to check bills?

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Cashier.

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While your money probably was good, how can you be certain?


We aren't allowed to use that pen anymore. It's considered defacing government property.

Plus it only identifies that is a real bill. It doesn't verify the actual amount. Conterfeiters can bleach out a five dollar bill and make the bill look like a $100 bill.

I'm sorry the cashier was ignorant. She should've called a manager to the front if she doubted the legitimacy of your money.

The problem with those machines is that they only work on very brand new $50s and $100s.

So your money was probably older. The manager would've been able to verify the currency by holding it up to a light.