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Due to a previous bad experience with petco's competition, petsmart, in the dog training position, I tried an experiment, just to see how PETCO and petsmart as well, would handle the situation. I applied at petco, being more than qualified for the position of dog trainer, but asked for petsmart NOT to be contacted, and that I would explain why if they chose to interview me . Which they did, and while interviewing, I was completely honest with all that had transpired during my miserable employment with petsmart and why. The last words I heard, when leaving the interview were "we are looking to fill this position quickly so that the current trainer can move up into his new position as manager of the dog and cat department. Would next Wednesday be a good time to reach you? "

I assured him, that was fine and left. Over 2 wks later and no phone call being received, I noticed the job had been re- posted online. So, I thought I would give old David a call to see how I could improve on my interviewing skills, so success would be more likely in the future.

Well, he came up with an all out, bald faced lie, instead of showing me any sign of having just a tad more integrity and moral principles than petsmart,by explaining they had decided not to promote the current dog trainer, and keep him in the position, and hire someone new into the manager position of the dog and cat department instead.

I asked if there was any reason the job had been reposted only the day before, and he stuttered around, finally saying, " oh, sometimes they do that by mistake. But it is no longer available. "

Today, one week later, it is posted again. I am headed in there this evening to talk to a trainer about signing up for classes.!

I have nothing to lose! I am outta here in less than a week and I wouldn't take my dog to petco or petsmart for dog training if they were the only gig in town, and now, I surely won't consider the idea of being employed as a trainer through any retail pet supply store. They have no interest in any quality service or whether or not the very inexperienced people they put in dog training positions, know anything at all about what they are doing, and all they care about is closing the sale of the class, not about the quality of the class, in the least.

I will work in my own business as I have been, for years, even while working for PetDumb, regardless of it being against company policy. Screw them. They discriminate and then retaliate if any complaints are made.

Just speaking the truth. And obviously, petco is exactly like them

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Slugcult is right. Alot of time they will just keep the posts up incase they lose someone and already have people that are ready for the posistion.

Obviously they found someone more qualified to be the cat and dog manager and just kept the dog trainer where he's at. with the economy the way it is stop crying and be happy that you have a job and you shouldn't talk badly about where you work because you're just creating bad business for yourself.

you said yourself your a dog trainer with petsmart and in turn said you wouldn never take your dog for training there. you're so smart i think you should think of college rather than a new job


Yea...they dont actually post the jobs in store...thats all done by job has apparently been open for the last 3 years, same with my was explained to me that they do that so should they lose someone they already have many apps. to choose from.