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I recently had an experience with the manager at the Petco store at 15th street and Alma in Plano, TX. His name is Kyle and I am completely dissatisfied with how we treated my father.

My father is a 75 year old man who had a question about which harness to buy to help our dog walk better. Kyle not only talked down to my father as if he was a 10 year old boy who knew nothing, but also called him an irresponsible dog owner because we were inquiring about the chains. Kyle also tried to push his opinion on us saying that even though "his store" carried the chains, it was NOT fine to use on a dog and that we would be "irresponsible dog owners" if we bought it. I tried to tell him we had already used the harness he had suggested, but our dog ate it.

Again, he proceeded to tell us that it was our fault he ate it and that we would be "irresponsible dog owners" and punishing our dog if we used the chain. At this point, my father was tired of his character being attacked when all we asked for was which harness to buy and not to hear we were bad dog owners. Yes, my father got angry when he started being attacked and started to become difficult, but who wouldn't when the MANAGER is saying all these disrespectful things to you in front of your family. Kyle then tried to kick my father out of "his store".

I would hope that Petco managers have been trained in how to deal with difficult customers and it would not be by arguing with the customer and attacking his character. I do not believe Kyle should be fired, but he should be demoted to work on his managerial skills a little bit more.

I am very disappointed with Petco and will not be returning there because of Kyle. If these are the type of people Petco is hiring AND making their managers, then Petco is not the type of company I want to support.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Petco Cons: Poor customer service.

  • rude employee
  • Disrespectful Employee
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