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2 years after unsubscribing I suddenly started receiving emails. When I tried to unsubscribe their system told me I was unsubscribed.

When I contacted customer service they said my email box was checked and they would uncheck it. I told them I didn't trust their systems and wanted my data purged. They said they did and a week later I started receiving emails again. Obviously their customer database had been corrupted and they can't control their customers' data.

I then had it go to spam and my service provider stopped it from showing up after a week. Hopefully Petsmart buys them soon and cleans up Petco's *** (pun intended.)

Reason of review: unsecure customer data.

Preferred solution: too late lost a customer for life by lying to me about original solution.

Petco Cons: Being lied to about resolution when i had a problem.

  • Corrupted Email Database
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I opened a PALS rewards account when Petco came to my area, years ago. Late last summer, I discovered that my account number had been reassigned to a man who has the same surname.

Customer Service could only open me a new account; they had no idea how their system had given my old account to "Donald." (Who is NOT my husband!) I used the new account for a number of purchases, but when I logged into it earlier this week I found that my name was now "Donald" on this account, too. And his contact information had been substituted for mine. Customer Service unavailable, corporate website down - local store told me Donald now had three accounts and I had none. I've succeeded, I think, in getting Petco to remove my e-mail address - the only thing still correct - from the account they've given to Donald.

I will not open another new one. Why bother? It's just a matter of time until they transfer any new account I may open to Donald, who their system apparently assumes is my husband. Now if I could just get their promo e-mails to stop coming...yes, I tried to unsubscribe.

It didn't work. Maybe if I block their domain?


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please call our customer support (888-824-7257) so we can look into this further. Thank you and we look forward hearing from you.