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I bought $100 worth of cat toys and dog snacks and by the time I made it to my car I realized I didn't pick up the fourth item to complete the buy 3 get 1 free Leaps and Bounds sale.

I went back into the store to see the clerk. She was helping a customer on the floor. So I went to pick up the item I wanted and made it back to the register and she was there. I showed her my receipt and identified the three Leaps and Bounds items I just bought and let her know that I wanted this fourth item to fulfill the sale.

She looked at my receipt at the bottom and said that I got the discount. She was, however, pointing out the two line items for the manufacturer's discount that I go on two other products. I explained the situation to her again. Then she said that maybe the sale was that you bought four and then you got one free. I let her know that that wasn't what the sign said. She called the manager saying that she needed help because I said some cat toys were on sale. He came and I told him the situation. He looked at the receipt. He said that I could take the toy and he'd write it off.

While I'm glad the manager resolved the situation I have lingering concerns. First, it seems reasonable to me that the clerk would know whether or not there was a sale or would go to check the sign. Second, it seems reasonable to me that the clerk would know how to distinguish between manufacturer discounts and other sale items. Third, it seems reasonable to me to officially rectify the problem - it wasn't a write off, as if merchandise went missing, it was the rightful discount from a paid purchase.

Most importantly, I have patronized Petco for as long as I can remember. Having had three animals at a time since 1999, I have spent and untold amount of money - besides the non-essentials I purchased today. I shouldn't have been treated as if I was trying to be unethical by attempting to cheat away a $10 item from Petco, especially after spending so much for unnecessary items that day.

I will no longer be shopping there out of fairness and self-respect (obviously). That's how the free market works, eh?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Petco Cons: Wondering if i would be treated like a criminal if i were white.

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You really are a piece of work, aren't you? YOU didn't pick up the fourth item to complete the sale, which means at time of purchase you did not qualify for the sale.

Things like that have to be done at the register, but all items involved have to be present. When you came back in and showed the receipt to the cashier, she pointed out the discount you got, which was the one you qualified for, because you didn't have the correct items for the other.

The cashier wasn't sure how to help you, so she called a manager, which is exactly what she was supposed to do when she needs help, and the manager gave you exactly what you wanted, but used the won't terminology, so you're upset about that as well? Sounds like you are easily offended.


Hi there. Thanks for letting us know; we'll get in touch with the store to share this with them, we appreciate your feedback.


You get what you want and you still complain??? This all started because you made a mistake.

As you said "I have lingering concerns:" First, the customer [you] can't count so as to know whether they picked up 3 or 4 items. Second, the customer doesn't know that they should take the free item up to the register when they want to get a special. Third, it should not matter to the customer how they write off the cost, as long as she gets what she was entitled to.

Also to paraphrase you: The store should not be allowing you to shop there out of fairness and self-respect (obviously).

That's how the free market works, eh? When customers have this arrogant attitude toward clerks that probably work part time and make minimum wages about a sale being put on by one manufacturer, that is exactly the type of customer no store should ever want.

If you felt like you were being treated as if you were unethical, it is probably because you felt so *** about making the mistake in the first place.