Naples, Florida
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I was at the Checkout which took a little longer than hoped, but that was no big deal, but I had some concerns about this Petco brand cat food, and I just wanted to know if the food is gentle enough for a cat with colitis. Now I was not just the stereotypical random over-crazed cat lady, all I wanted to do was inquire about the new cat food brand, since a more dedicated cashier told me last month that it had a lot of benefits; but as I began to share my concerns I was met with, got it, wonderful, and oh thats great.

Well when I got the indication she just didn't want to communicate right now, so I told her" if you did not feel like talking all you had to do was say so" then I was once again met with "oh thats wonderful" she handed me a 2 dollar off coupon as if that was hush money.

I chose not to make a scene so I just left, but that does not mean I cannot complain to the HR as to why they hire entitled asswholes who are not passionate about working in a pet store, which one of the better retail stores to work in. Oh and one of my cans was swollen when I got home thanks for noticing ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Hi there. We do apologize for any rudeness on behalf of the associate during your visit. Please contact our Customer Support at 1 877 738-6742 so that we can look into this.


I think you were the rude one not her.


You must be a cashier who hates animals


Now I know that you are a child for ASSuming that I am a cashier that hates animals. Grow up child and stop emailing me and telling me about how daddy did things to you.


Whats the matter incel? You gotta go to a formal complaint website to shitpost because you coulnd't the trolling on the a real shitposting site.


Go back to 4chan incel