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We went to petco to get some supplies for our two doberman puppies. my 16 year old daughter was so happy because we had lost our doberman of 14 years a few weeks earlier everything started ok at first the dog trainer Alice was very helpful and courteous but the when we went to check out un older associated name Linda said how much did you pay for those dogs I said a lot why then proceeded to pick apart our puppies telling us everything bad or wrong with them I told her we weren't looking for show dogs just pets and companions then she says that one will one day take that one out then continued picking apart our puppies. by then my daughter was all teared up as we left speechless she then started to cry o in the car holding her puppies and me, very upset how could she do that if i ever go back I hope shes no longer working there I wouldn't want to deal with her ever again

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what a hateful little ***

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