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I have been working at petco for 3 years now and i love grooming dogs. Petco is so worried about their numbers they lack on keeping the employees happy.

When i am talk to with respect i will reply with respect. When they talk to me angry and with attitude it hard to hold my reactions. Over a 20% coupon, we get into arguement and i did what i could do to make the customer happy. Instead of coming to me in a perfessional manner she yeld and screamed at me and i got angry and did the same.

I should have held my voice and look for another job. In the mist of my anger, i may have cursed at her and dont remember. She was screaming at me to get into the office i refused to in there with a screaming angry person. what good would that do???

she's angry im angry and she wants to talk about it. it better to lets us both cool down and talk when we both are calmer.. NO I GET FIRED FOR CURSING AT HER AND I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT I SAID>> I am so unhappy with the way they talk to you. I work my but off and got employee of the month in feb and in march they let me go.

I take pride in my work and always willing to learn. BUT PETCO IS ALL ABOUT NUMBERS>> HOW MUCH WE SALE!!!! I HATE WORKING AT PETCO BECAUSE THERE SYSTEM IS BROKEN AND CANT KEEP THE GOOD ONES!! Its all about policy policy policy and i dont mind policy but petco is on steriods( we are now not allowed to carry little puppies or dogs anymore or have water bottles)I know its about keeping dogs and employees safe- I am expected to sale extras services by 32% everyday plus sell training classes, and dog food, and events.

I have noticed since our last manager left the grooming salon has gone down hill. my pay checks are smaller b/c of the lack of return clients. I have over 50 request clients and have the highest Numbers and run in circles with petco policies.. I may not agree with them all but i did try to make sure to learn and add it to my daily performance..

why is it that a groomer who gets conpaints about how he handles the dogs by employees and i have re groom his dogs and make the customer happy, He still works there and i get fired. He puts his hand around the dogs neck to control them.. who does that and doesnt get fired. AT PETCO>> THEY DIDNT SEE IT BUT I DID and ANOTHER PERSON DID>> So he gets watched and pulls the wool over there eyes!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $28000.

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