Danbury, Connecticut
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Don't buy from PETCO! I had a gift card they would not honor online even tho it said I could make an online purchase with the card.

What kind of malarkey is THAT? They said they had a 'new' policy about gift cards.

To top this off they had refused to send my shipment free even tho I met the buying requirements... and the 20% off coupon for a new account, oh yes we can't honor that either ma'm.

Cancelled my order... Done with PETCO...


I'm headed back to my local feed and grain store where we get our horse feed and I'll just invest in them, and be happy to pay a little more for service and honesty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Coupon.

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Exact same issue last December with 20% not honoured. Always told to check back in s few weeks