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I worked for Petco for a year. I transferred to Springfield Illinois to a store here to help my disabled daughter with things from a store in Indiana.

I worked part-time for a manager who was disorganized in every way and wouldn't do her job. She left early every day and purposely scheduled me outside of my availability to conflict with another job that I had. She never would change my home mailing address in their system and I wasn't allowed to do this myself. The animals aren't taken care of well at all and I couldn't stand dealing with the place anymore, so I left there.The district manager's number and information wasn't made available to me ever and now I'm not being paid my final pay that I worked for.

I called their human resources department before and they weren't any help with my situation at all. So I had to call them again to try to get my pay situation resolved and someone from a foreign country told me that they have paid me and put it on a card. Then...why don't I have this card? I opted out of that and had direct deposit for my entire time of working there and now they are "shell gaming" me with a card that I was never given and don't want.

I want paid for the work they got from me and I am now filing a complaint against them with the Illinois Dept. of Labor.

There's no reason to have to fight them to get your pay for working for them and they actually think they can get away with this. My suggestion to you is don't work for them ever and you won't go through what I am just to support yourself and your kids.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Darkwraith - I had a very similar situation. I left petco a couple of weeks ago.

The next pay day came and my pay didn't deposit into my account like it normally does. So I called HR and they told me it was on this "pay card". Well I still had the card, thankfully, I had never used it because I didn't want to. I told HR I don't want my pay on this card...I want it via a check.

I was told once it's on this card i'm stuck. When I first started I didn't get my first check until about 3 or 4 weeks after I started. I thought the new hire paper work was slow - no, I got my first pay on this "pay card" also! After I stated in my new hire paper work that I did not want to be paid with this card!!!

SO I ended up losing money through fees on the card because I never knew I was paid on it! I wasted a ton of my time having to figure out how to activate this card so I could get my money off of it. I am very disappointed with petco because they thought they could pay me on this card without my consent!!!!!

If you can help it don't work for petco!!!


I totaly understand what you are going through. You stated you worked in Illinois.

Please read my complaint on Ex Petco employee. It seems 5 laptops were stolen with all our info on it. I worked fro them only for about 3 months while I was unemployed back in 2010. I hope and pray you were not one of these victims as well.

Good luck!!! :)