Hagerstown, Maryland

Hello, we are not dedicated to either Petco,or Petsmart, however these two stores are the only ones who Carry BlueBuffalo. may22 2013 we purchased four bags of blue buffalo got them home and found worms,I contacted store immediately "Deanna and/or Bonnie" expressed it was bluebuffalos fault,so I called them,they called me back in a few and explained they(BB) and I were calling store,worms are NOT a mfg issue they're a storage issue (Petco) after two days of arguing they gave us 2 bags of 4, I was satisfied, they told me to come bak "next Thursday" on tues eve that week I was deployed (spec.ops) group from Andrews, Deanna told me today(I returned home last night) that I ( me) came in and satisfied this about a week later,wow I don't recall the teleporter that brought me 6000miles p/u food and go back,I offered her to show my deployment papers(destroy.blkd out)no!

I wanted the District Mgrs name/ number....NO! WTF?

So I've decided now that "Deanna & Bonnie" run the Army too,the next time danger calls? NOPE, gotta go to Petco ie.PENTAGON/WHITEHOUSE MY SUPERIORS "DEANNA & BONNIE" Hagerstown,Md Store-rule my world...are to get my dog food,thanx

Monetary Loss: $100.

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