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I went with my sister to petco to get some fish for her birthday, she picked out 6 fish, we already had 10 fish at home in a 10 gallon tank. They saleslady told us that the fish are going to die and we didn't mind them because we had out own experience, the fish did not die that quickly.

So we ignored them, then the manager came and told us that we didn't have to to sell us the fish.

Then we were so mad, then the lady said that we don't have to be so rude, then the lady said to never go back to petco again..TO US! I wanna just shove her into a pet carrier and mock her all day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I'm sorry,but you ARE abusing the fish.A 10 gallon tank?!Do you know how small that is for TEN fish?They have every right to refuse a sale if they don't think you intend/want to take care of it properly.It's bull when it's for no reason(even if you take proper care of animals).

If they refused you for no good reason,you are justified in your assery,but you are not.

Not only did you complain like an ***,you did it even though they were justified in refusing your service!

Something similar happened to me at a different Petco,they refused to sell me any more animals for no reason apparently.I was willing to take good care of them,why did they refuse? >:(


@ Fish Breeder: Wow, sorry you got that kid. Just had to say that, because you have your stuff together on the fish front. Something I rarely saw working pet care at Petsmart. So kudos a hundred times over to you.

As for everyone supporting the person who wrote this and to the poster as well, Petco was absolutely correct in what they did. Each fish needs 1 gallon per 1" of fish. 2 gallons per 1" for goldfish. Telling you not to come back is a bit extreme, but they had every right to refuse the sale.

Now to address the large amounts of fish in store tanks. You do realize the stores house a 1-5k gallon filtration system in the back? Plus weekly scrub-downs of the tanks? At least, in good stores, tanks are scrubbed and siphoned a minimum of once weekly. This means all those toxins being built up, are just as quickly getting removed. Many of the dead fish, are from fish delivery day and its caused from the stress of transportation. I always recommended people to buy fish 1-2 days AFTER delivery day, so that fish weren't getting the double stress of two moves in one day.


We do have the right to refuse the sale of any animal, including fish. Just because you don't care about their lives, it doesn't mean we don't.


Yeah, we could say no gaurantee on the fish, but why should the fish have to suffer to just please a couple of idiots who don't know anything about fish?

I'm sorry, but at petco, the animals come first NOT the customer. If the customer doesn't like that or can't understand than we don't need their business and they don't need any pets either!


I had a similar experience at Petco about a weeka ago, and it was the last time I will ever go there. I was so furious that I walked out of the store.

I have a long-established, well-planted with thriving live plants, 29gal tank with a small colony of tetras and one ancient algae eater. After about 4 years some of my neon tetras had died, so I went to Petco to get replacements - only to be told, by some kid young enough to be my grandkid, that I obviously don't know how to take care of tetras and the reason that mine were dying was NOT old age, but because I dont change half of their water every other week, and that if I put new fish in there they would die from the built up "toxins" in my tank.

What a condescending, know-it-all little ***!

I didn't bother to try to explain to him that I know *** good and well how to test for nitrates and nitrites, that I don't overfeed my fish, my tank is permanently at about half capacity, and that the reason I have tetras is NOT because I am an amateur, but because I wanted a break from breeding South American cichlids and I happen to LIKE tetras!

I bought my fish elsewhere and they are, of course, perfectly fine and happy in their new home. I feel sorry for the poor, pale, stressed-out ones that I left at Petco.


I am so glad they didn't sell you fish, you obviously have no clue how to properly take care of fish, and they Yvette every right to refuse sale! Oh and about fish overpopulation in the store tanks, I can't speak for PETCO, but our fish sell so fast there not in there for very long. Our store is a temporary housing not permanent like when you bring a fish home!!


all you petco lovers dont see they have about 30=50 fish in a single 5 gallon tank? Whenever i go there i see so many dead fishes just floating in the water.

16 fish cant fit in a 10 gallon but 30 can fit in a 5 gallon tank right?

i guess if theyre all just dead and floating then its okay. NOT.


This is why we have the right to not sell to people like you. You are pissed at the employee for not selling the fish to you?

16 fish in a 10 gallon tank. If I was the person you were talking to, I wouldnt of went and got a manager. I would of denied you right there and then. Put yourself in a 50 gallon tank...

tell me how it feels. The you'll know what the fish felt like. And By the way...

they sell dog carriers at our store as well. Get yourself a good sized one and put yourself in it.


Wow....normally I'm not a fan of PetCo...but KUDOS to them! Yes, you are an ***.

Not only for complaining, but for thinking that 16 fish in a 10 gallon tank is ok. Even SIX fish, depending on the species, is WAY TO MANY!!!!!

People like you are the ones that make me hate working in a live pet retail situation. Good on PetCo for refusing a sale to you :)




You know what people complain about petco abusing animals what do you think sticking that many fish in that tank is? I think its great that petco doesn't sell animal to some one who is going to miss treat them. You shouldn't be aloud to buy animals if you don't know how to care for them!


Someone should stick you in a dog carrier and mock you all day because that is exactly what you are doing to your fish by putting them in such a small tank,


I agree with all the people who commented in favor of Petco, but at the same time if these people want to buy some finish, just tell them no returns and sell the *** fish.


I read your little rant here and they were right. As another contributors have said you already had too many fish. For the 16 your would need a 29 gallon minimum.


Good for Petco! What a *** customer for even writing this complaint.

I am so glad the Petco staff did the right thing in refusing to sell her the fish. Well done.


"we didn't mind them because we had out own experience, the fish did not die that quickly". I want you to re-read that statement.

In other words the fish that you bought ended up dieing and probably within 6 months. Most fish are supposed to live a minimum of 2-5 years. I applaud the Petco for informing you of the overcrowding of your tank.

Too many people like yourself view fish as a disposable pet because you cant pet it or walk it. A fish has the same right to proper care, housing and nutrition as every other animal kept as a pet.


Imagine that - a store didn't want to sell live animals to a person with no intentions of taking care of them properly.

Good for PETCO. Most fish should live years in a healthy well maintained environment. A 10 gallon tank is really only enough for about 6-7 small schooling fish - you planned to put 16 fish in there.

They had every right to refuse to sell them to you.