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I bought a prong collar for my dog, but realized that night that it was way too big. The collar had said 18-35 lbs, however there was no way it was fitting my 22 lb dog.

I wasn't able to return it for 2 weeks, but went to return it today. I couldn't find my receipt, but I decided to try anyway. I walked into the store and found the nearest associate and made them aware of my return. She told me to just get my other shopping done and she would return it when I came back.

I offered to leave it at the register and she said there was no need. I went and got some crickets, reptile bulbs, light fixtures, and cat food. I never went near the dog supplies. When I went to the register one of the dog trainers was there.

I said I wanted to return it. She asked if I had a receipt, and I said no. She then walked off without a word and talked to another associate. She then came back and refused to return the item.

I asked why, and she said that without a receipt they could do nothing for me. I asked for a gift card, and she said no. I questioned this and she said they had no proof I bought it there. I mentioned it still had all tags on and said "Petco" and she then said, "Well you could have just gotten it off the shelf and brought it up here." I asked for a manager, and she refused.

I asked her what I was supposed to do with this $20 collar that I had no use for, and she told me, "Well I guess you learned your lesson, but it's yours now." I left all of my items and told her I was taking my business elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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